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Monthly Archives: October 2011


Opium Addiction

The abuse of opiates shows more prevalence in America than many other areas, since laws governing use are more liberal, making it easily accessible. Italy is quite strict on its opioid use. Due to these policies, it has very few incidents of addiction among its citizens. Most opium derivatives that are imported into the US are generally broken to form alkaloid constituents. Whether used in legal or illegal settings, various drug abuse procedures happen with whole-processed derivatives, like heroine, instead of general unrefined opium products.


Opium Addiction

Opium Addiction (s) Dot Com welcomes you to our site which covers one of the most dangerous drug addictions known to mankind, and that isĀ Opium Addiction. One of the most notorious opium drugs is heroin – but there are plenty of others on this dangerous list. If you are looking for information onĀ Opium Addiction, we have more posts coming shortly on every topic of this addiction…