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Opium Addiction

The abuse of opiates shows more prevalence in America than many other areas, since laws governing use are more liberal, making it easily accessible. Italy is quite strict on its opioid use. Due to these policies, it has very few incidents of addiction among its citizens. Most opium derivatives that are imported into the US are generally broken to form alkaloid constituents. Whether used in legal or illegal settings, various drug abuse procedures happen with whole-processed derivatives, like heroine, instead of general unrefined opium products.

The most popular way of administrating opiates is injection. Other methods used to take this product are known by the street names ack ack, dragon chasing, and madak. Dragon chasing refers to heating up heroin using barbital wrapped over foil pieces and taking the substance as it is. Ack ack refers to smoking cigarettes which contains tobacco and compounds of heroin powder.

Smoking opium will not involve any smoldering of a material like it’s imagined by many. But, rather, the already prepared opium would be sufficiently heated to temperatures where active alkaloids, like morphine, would be vaporized such that only the pure compound is generated for use.

Opium Addiction

Opium is available in pill form, which is the same size as a pea; these tablets can be taken directly or broken down and smoked. Numerous pills can be smoked per session but depends on the tolerance levels of a user.

When smoked, this drug can have effects on the body that can last around 12 hours. If consumed in raw form, this substance comprises half the potency levels of many other synthetically manufactured substances, like trentanol and oxycodone. The effects of this medication are not all negative; in various Eastern countries, the medication is used as mild paregoric in curing diarrhea.

A compound known as Tincture found in the compound is usually prescribed as a remedy for severe cases of diarrhea. When consumed 30 minutes before meals, the substance drastically slows down standard intestinal motility, thereby affording the intestines more time to absorb fluid right into the stool.

Opium contains two general alkaloid categories. These are Phenanthrenes, comprising substances like thebaine, morphine, and codeine, and Isoquinolines, which are made of noscapinje and papaverine, and don’t have any effects whatsoever on a user’s CNS. Morphine ranks as the most conventional opium alkaloid, with around 10-16% total substance capacity.

This opium derivative is very harmful to a person’s general health and is known to result in conditions like lung edema, cardiac collapse, and even comas, among other related symptoms. With a typical dose of 120-250mg, which is an average amount in 2gms of opium drug, one can potentially have the consequences of abusing this medication. The morphine compound will bind to them and then activate various opiod structural receptors found within an individual’s brain, intestine, spinal cord, and stomach.

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